This year the conference theme will be Digital Convergences. The conference seeks to present and analyse the convergences that are occurring across and within the genres of moving image, in part resulting from the impact of digital technologies.

The realm of moving images has historically been framed by change and flux.  It has accommodated a variety of genres of art, cinema, animation and games and has straddled the spaces of the popular and high art. The discussion of the moving image has on occasion occupied separate discursive spaces although with the onset of digital technology a convergence of discourses across disciplines is increasingly more visible.

It invites one to consider the shifts that may occur as a result of this technology across the different types of digital media. In popular culture these convergences become visible in the recent blockbuster, Gravity (2013) by Cuaron that has been framed by discussions on hybridity.  Similarly, Ridley Scott's Prometheus (2012) has been examined in the context of  transmedia and intertextuality. This multifaceted experience of the moving image that is made possible by the digital calls for academic attention.


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