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Is VR part of VFXs post-digital future?
Saint Walker

Last modified: 2015-08-18


Visual Effects was borne out of the manipulation of film imagery- optical processes, and then later digital processes layered onto the chemical process, and then finally becoming part of the same datastream as the original lens-based footage. In TV there tended to be an intermediate pre-digital electronic stage too, with colour separation overlay and vision mixing.

As VFX practice has become less proprietary, less expensive and no longer based around inaccessible ‘black-box’ solutions, and moves towards being commonplace across most genres, becoming embedded and ubiquitous, so VFX has become more mobile, looking for new markets beyond film and TV.

One of these areas that currently is attracting attention and funding is Virtual Reality (VR); a technology whose promise dates back to the pre-millennial fervour of the  90’s but only now seems to have a stable platform and seemingly affordable market entry point

Could this be VFX’s post-digital moment? A panel of VFX companies and professionals who are working in this area will contextualise and outline the technology and its uses through individual presentations, and suggest a trajectory for how VFX and VR might interface. The following discussion will tease out issues such as whether VFX converge with other skillsets to contribute to a new medium, or whether Hollywood blockbusters and TV appointment viewing will remain the standard fare of the UK’s VFX Industry. A chance to get a progress report from some of the most informed VR thinkers in VFX.


Suggested panel:

Chair: Saint John Walker, co-author Core Skills of VFX, ex-Head of Development at Creative Skillset now Course Leader VFX at Norwich University of the Arts

Suggested Panellists:

  • Steve Dann, Founder/CEO, Amplified Robot
  • Solomon Rogers Founder/Director Rewind FX
  • Karl Woolley, Creative Technologist VR, Framestore
  • Jonathan Davies, Exec Producer VR London,  MPC


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