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General Papers

Artistic practice at the frontier of CGI
Alan Warburton
Animation Theory in a Post-Digital Context
Caroline Ruddell
Targeting Transmedia: Live Action, Animation & ARG Collide in a Webdoc About Columbian Street Violence
Brad Gyori, Mat Charles
Aardman Animations – from analogue to post-digital
Richard Haynes
The Chorus of “The Second Wave”: An examination of Feminism's "Manifesto" of Digital Art
guo chunning
Is VR part of VFXs post-digital future?
Saint Walker
Exploration of Memories Through Animated Documentary
guo chunning
Forgotten Analogue Computer Graphics & Synthetic Video in the United Kingdom
Christopher Jan King
Digital Distance: Interrogating Frontiers in Media Space
alex jukes
Rapture, Conflict, Radical Cinematic Choreography Reframing of the Analogue to serve the Digital
Maureen Kendal
Aardman’s Ghost: A Hauntology of Stop-Motion Effects
Thomas Walsh
Contemporary Silent Movies: Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep
Richard Haynes
Storyboarding, storytelling and animation labour in the post-digital era
Paul Ward
ALIAS YEDERBECK – Expanded Animation Cinema
Frank Gessner
E’Gao Homosexuality and the Queer Pleasure of Digital Impersonation—A Theoretical Discussion on the Case of “Won’t Even Give me 100 Kuai”
Digital Alternatives in the Art Market
Sarah Sparke, Chuck Elliot
Rethinking post-war reconciliation, memory and heritage via ‘gaming’ technology
Melanie Klinkner
Four Kinds of Dynamic Viewing: The Layout of Media Criticism from Nam June Paik
guo chunning
Using lens-less imaging to consider the impact of analogue photographic processes on current digital moving image.
Lucy Williams, Sarah Sparke
An autoethnograpic account the process of light across ‘old’ and ‘new’ moving image media for the installation “Piccadilly Circus and Williamsburg Bridge".
Alex Neville
Memorials as (dark) tourism attractions
Avital Biran
Contesting Memorials – an ethnographic approach
Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers
Gamification as a way to interact with Memorials.
Feng Tian
Mannerist, Functional and Post-Dolby Sound Design in Animated Cartoons
Paul Taberham

Artist Submission

100110 post-digital years
Stephen Bell
Contesting the “Dark Web”. CipherSongs: Trustless an installation for encrypted data streams.
Rob Canning
Teaching drawing in the post-digital age
Alys Scott-Hawkins
Teaching drawing in the post-digital age
Katie Barons
Teaching drawing in the post-digital age
Paul Hilton
Teaching drawing in the post-digital age
Peter Symons
Practices in Photography: Pre and Post-Digital
Paul Wenham Clarke
Light, Space and Immersion
Michela French
Being There: Social Media integrated Virtual Reality and the Case for a New Master Media Definition.
Derek Murray

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