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BFX 2014 Conference 'Theoretically locatable but not describable'- Barthes third meaning and digital cinema Abstract
Ian Peter Stone
BFX 2015 Conference 100110 post-digital years Abstract
Stephen Bell
BFX 2014 Conference 3D Visualisation and Aesthetic considered processes: The invisible cultural heritage that lies beneath the sea. Abstract
Chris Rowland
BFX 2014 Conference A Practical Investigation into Space as Material Within 3-D CGI Abstract
Alex Jukes
BFX 2014 Conference A (Very) Brief History of Video Art: Before and After Convergence. Abstract
Chris Meigh-Andrews
BFX 2015 Conference Aardman Animations – from analogue to post-digital Abstract
Richard Haynes
BFX 2015 Conference Aardman’s Ghost: A Hauntology of Stop-Motion Effects Abstract
Thomas Walsh
BFX 2015 Conference ALIAS YEDERBECK – Expanded Animation Cinema Abstract
Frank Gessner
BFX 2015 Conference An autoethnograpic account the process of light across ‘old’ and ‘new’ moving image media for the installation “Piccadilly Circus and Williamsburg Bridge". Abstract
Alex Neville
BFX 2014 Conference An Uncanny Combination: Live Performance and Digital Animation in the Motion Captured Body Abstract
Frances Kamm
BFX 2014 Conference Animating the dream space: Disney/ Pixar’s Cars franchise, childhood, and the development of the person Abstract
Iain MacRury
BFX 2015 Conference Animation Theory in a Post-Digital Context Abstract
Caroline Ruddell
BFX 2014 Conference Art of disease modelling Abstract
Vicky Isley, Paul Smith
BFX 2015 Conference Artistic practice at the frontier of CGI Abstract
Alan Warburton
BFX 2015 Conference Being There: Social Media integrated Virtual Reality and the Case for a New Master Media Definition. Abstract
Derek Murray
BFX 2014 Conference Centre for Moving Image Research Abstract
Terry Flaxton
BFX 2014 Conference Cinematics of Rapture Abstract
Maureen Kendal
BFX 2015 Conference Contemporary Silent Movies: Aardman’s Shaun the Sheep Abstract
Richard Haynes
BFX 2015 Conference Contesting Memorials – an ethnographic approach Abstract
Stephanie Schwandner-Sievers
BFX 2015 Conference Contesting the “Dark Web”. CipherSongs: Trustless an installation for encrypted data streams. Abstract
Rob Canning
BFX 2014 Conference Depicting the Dead Abstract
Caroline Wilkinson
BFX 2015 Conference Digital Alternatives in the Art Market Abstract
Sarah Sparke, Chuck Elliot
BFX 2015 Conference Digital Distance: Interrogating Frontiers in Media Space Abstract
alex jukes
BFX 2014 Conference Evolutionary Art, Artificial Critics, Aesthetics, and Hilbert’s Entscheidungsproblem Abstract
Anargyros Sarafopoulos
BFX 2015 Conference Exploration of Memories Through Animated Documentary Abstract
guo chunning
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