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BFX 2014 Conference 'Theoretically locatable but not describable'- Barthes third meaning and digital cinema Abstract
Ian Peter Stone
BFX 2014 Conference 3D Visualisation and Aesthetic considered processes: The invisible cultural heritage that lies beneath the sea. Abstract
Chris Rowland
BFX 2014 Conference A Practical Investigation into Space as Material Within 3-D CGI Abstract
Alex Jukes
BFX 2014 Conference A (Very) Brief History of Video Art: Before and After Convergence. Abstract
Chris Meigh-Andrews
BFX 2014 Conference An Uncanny Combination: Live Performance and Digital Animation in the Motion Captured Body Abstract
Frances Kamm
BFX 2014 Conference Animating the dream space: Disney/ Pixar’s Cars franchise, childhood, and the development of the person Abstract
Iain MacRury
BFX 2014 Conference Art of disease modelling Abstract
Vicky Isley, Paul Smith
BFX 2014 Conference Centre for Moving Image Research Abstract
Terry Flaxton
BFX 2014 Conference Cinematics of Rapture Abstract
Maureen Kendal
BFX 2014 Conference Depicting the Dead Abstract
Caroline Wilkinson
BFX 2014 Conference Evolutionary Art, Artificial Critics, Aesthetics, and Hilbert’s Entscheidungsproblem Abstract
Anargyros Sarafopoulos
BFX 2014 Conference Living the grid: The navigation of digital spaces Abstract
Nick Jones
BFX 2014 Conference Moving Image Values Abstract
Sarah Sparke
BFX 2014 Conference Outside In: Challenging traditional narrative constructs in digital cinema. Exploring the frame, continuity editing and audience perspective. Abstract
Mark Bond
BFX 2014 Conference Overcoming Differences, Recognising Similarities, Building Solidarities: the festivals and networks of contemporary committed film culture Abstract
Steve Presence
BFX 2014 Conference Pixar’s “The Road to Point Reyes” and the long history of landscape in new visual technologies Abstract
Malcolm Cook
BFX 2014 Conference Porous Pedagogy and Multimodal Tools: Primary Media Production Practices in East London Primaries Abstract
Michelle Cannon
BFX 2014 Conference Revisiting Orthodox, Experimental and Developmental animation Abstract
Paul Taberham
BFX 2014 Conference Situating Games: Exploring Situatedness in Digital Game Experiences Abstract
Phillip Wilkinson
BFX 2014 Conference The autonomous pixel Abstract
Liam Birtles
BFX 2014 Conference The Design Process of Narrative for Location-based Mixed Reality Game Abstract
Yunsung Kim, BongGwan Jun
BFX 2014 Conference Vital Remediation: The Physical Liveliness of Digital Puppets Abstract
Ian John Grant
BFX 2014 Conference Where Art, Film and Videogame meet – visual art forms and their semiotic and structural similarities Abstract
Matteo Riatti
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